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Welcome to Dragonfly!

To give you a little history on Dragonfly, we opened the doors for the first time for lunch on February 7, 2001 and served our first dinner on Valentine's night to a sold out dining room.

This is my first restaurant ownership endeavor, but after years of experience in the kitchen, I felt like it was time to follow my dream of having my own establishment. It has been, and I'm sure will continue to be, an adventure. I am proud of what we have achieved in such a short time.

Billy McCullough hard at work!Many people have asked me where I learned to cook Pan-Asian food since it is very unique in this area. My only excuse is that I am an obsessive reader and experimenter. I studied under Douglas Dale, of Wolfdale's Restaurant in Tahoe City, where I was introduced to fusion cuisine.

My creations there tended to lean towards an Asian flair and when I began to think of my own establishment, I decided to accent this love of Asian food. My goal here at Dragonfly has been to accent the wealth of fresh products available to us in California and combine it with my interpretation of cuisine from all over Asia.

The aspect of the creation of Dragonfly that I am most proud of is the All-star staff that has come to work for me. Jason Dobbs, my Maitre'd, has been involved in the restaurant industry in Truckee for many years. He is a restaurant person through and through and brings a high level of professionalism to our service, at the same time maintaining a casual, comfortable environment.

Jason is also my wine buyer, and has utilized his extensive wine knowledge to create a unique wine list that compliments the food menu.

Finally, my secret weapon is Kari Hendrix, my lunch manager, who has brought me peace of mind and confidence with her attention to details.

Personally, my goal with Dragonfly is to create a sophisticated atmosphere with a casual feel. My menus are small, but that is because I enjoy changing them on a weekly basis. I believe this keeps both the customers and myself interested in the food and guarantees the freshness and seasonality of the products being used.

Thank you for choosing Dragonfly. I hope you enjoy your experience here and in the Tahoe - Truckee area.


Billy McCullough


You can find us upstairs at 10118 Donner Pass Road in Truckee, California.

ph: (530) 587-0557
fx: (530) 587-0291


11:30 am - 2:30 pm,
Seven Days a Week

5:30 - Until Closed,
Seven Days a Week

Sushi Bar
5:00 - Until Closed,
Seven Days a Week

*Reservations Recommended*


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